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Monday, November 01, 2010

Bremen: Babies and Gryphons, Crypt, Celts, Things Etched in Stone. Secular and Sacred.


Bremen was founded in the 9th Century but had been a Celtic settlement centuries before that. In 27 BC, it became a  Roman colony. *  Bremen was heavily bombed in World War II, see ://  As with many old Cathedrals, built on even older crypts, the crypts survived well and, as in Augsburg, served as a shelter for the people. Here, see some of the outside side of Town Hall, and then the interior Crypt area of the Cathedral.

1.  Bremen's Secular Stones

A.  Town Hall.

Bremen Baby Series

Bremen Baby with Nice Bunny. Bremen Town Hall, Bremen, Germany

Bremen Baby with Cuddly Fish, Bremen Town Hall, Bremen DE

B.  Town Hall.

Gryphon Bitten by His Dinner; or Eagle and Snake; Town hall, Bremen

Connecting the eagle with the snake is an age-old source of tales. The twist here is that the Eagle is being bitten by the Snake.
  • In the dualistic view of life and religion, largely Eastern, Zarathustra looked up and saw the eagle, prideful and considering itself superior and far above humanity; and around its neck like a friend, not like prey, was a snake, a symbol of the practical, literally down-to-earth wisdom. The divided nature of mankind: some saw self-control v. chaos, the conflict that produces tragedy;  others, more like Zarathustra, upper air and earth, heaven and earth, good v. evil, constructive v. destructive, see The Significance of Zarathustra's Eagle and Serpent, at ://   See FN 1 for Nietzsche and Zarathustra, a fast reference
  • Or comments: St. John's symbol (Eagle) vs Evil in Eden (Snake); 
  • Or Rome's symbol Aquila, the Eagle, and each military cohort carried an ensign of a serpent (this from the site). So, look again at Varusschlacht, not far, where the tribes beat the Roman Legions, and it was said there that some of the Germanics that Rome trained and outfitted, turned against them and betrayed.  Snake. 
  • Norse mythology:  The snake that coils itself around Midgard, to hold the world together; when it gapes, things are falling apart. A snake guards Midgard in Norse belief, with heaven above and underworld equivalent beneath. Thor tangles with snakes.
  • Lost Tribe of Dan - see symbolism of both the eagle and the snake; the snake will bite. These at Town Hall make sense with the Biblical Dan as judgers.  Symbolism discussion at  (do a find for Dan, scroll it)
2.  Bremen's Sacred Site Stones

St. Peter's Cathedral Crypt

Celtic-era Cauldron, Cathedral Crypt, Bremen, Germany

Celtic-era capital, woven-knot pattern, Crypt, Bremen Cathedral, Germany

Common Celtic design includes knotwork, plaitwork, chain-link,key-patterns, spiral, interlace, and the early swastika, a symbol of or like the wheel, as in an early wheel-cross. 

Click on any photo to enlarge, like this.

Story-board carved door segment, Bremen Cathedral

The earliest church on the site was made of timber. Were any of these from that era, fragments as they are?
Old wooden story-board doors, Bremen Cathedral, Bremen DE

Celtic-era capital and designs, Crypt, Bremen Cathedral

Does this show the theme of dawn and rising sun,seen on other Celtic designs. See especially Symbolism of the Celtic Cross, by Derek Bryce, 1995 Weiser Inc.

Grave marker, perhaps against wall of original church? Bremen Cathedral, Germany

Seated figures, Jesus and a woman? Cathedral Crypt, Bremen, Germany

These unidentified figures and contexts become a Rorshacht.

Celtic style capital, wheel and lily motif, crypt, Bremen Cathedral


* Early Bremen history, see ://


FN 1

The German connection with Zarathustra and interpretations of him, in its own history, is a strong one: 

Read the German Friedrich Nietzsche's account of a spritual journey in his Thus Spake Zarathustra, at this site: Nietzsche's Zarathustra, at ://  For disquiet and the overman, see paragraph 3 there. Individual inspiration exists on a plane beyond good, evil. Spend time reading about that. Is that so? The true view of life is not clouded by morality. Rough summaries there. Do nations go through that stage? Must they? How about The Family in our DC -- self-determination, ordinary people quite literally do not matter, the self decides, its highest calling.

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