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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wartburg - A mighty fortress and a hurdy gurdiy

Wartburg Castle, Germany, walls, tower

Wartburg, at Eisenach - that great castle where Martin Luther found refuge, and wrote, they say, "A Mighty Fortress." This is a World Heritage site, see, where Martin Luther found refuge 1521-22.

On the way up was an organ grinder, a hurdy-gurdy. There is a website on organ grinders at

Wartburg Castle, hurdy-gurdy

Here is a musical site for organ grinder music, if you have the plug-in. Note that the use of "hurdy-gurdy" in connection with the grinder's barrel organ is deplored my many. See this site, a maker of real hurdy-gurdies:

This one, at Wartburg, has a practical alternative to a real monkey.

Here are sound samples. Here is someone who makes them. Elegant. See the closeup at like a dulcimer. This one called a synphonia, looks very different. Also listen. for a square hurdy gurdy.

See the post here on Cologne (Koln) for a big hurdy-gurdy.