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Monday, June 09, 2008

The Vends - Wends - Ancient Culture Subserved But With Traces

 The Fate of the Wends
History of a Wise People

Imagine our current maps of Germany and Slovenia, with a wide swath of population stretching from Slovenia, where it dominated, through Eastern and Central Germany. These were the lands of the Vends, the Vendic culture, with similarities to the Celts. Here is a fine site: "The Vends and the Germans" at

Once to be feared, their name now is hardly known.  See them pushed into the now Denmark, at

Maypole - Traces of the Vends, Germany

See them in the old Carantania, overview at Slovenia Road Ways, Expunged Ancient Dynasty of Carantania. That reviews the Vendic culture in the area then known as Carantania, and the rights of women to rule and conduct business was identical with that of men. Until another Germanic group, the Swabians, took over and poof- there went the ancient Slavica Lex and its equality. In marched the Germans, tramp tramp.

Place and people names and cultural traces that are Vendic, still there, customs living -
  • Buchwald now Buchenwald, the name of the forced labor camp
  • Several Berlin street names
  • The Maypole, the tree of life for the village, sometimes with a wreath beneath (see the "Vends and the Germans" site for pictures). See more Germany maypoles, including with the suspended wreath at the top, at Germany Road Ways, Maypoles.
  • Veneration of the Linden tree (not the oak, as other celtic groups chose). Note that Hitler had the Lindens cut down before WWII along that great boulevard, UnterDen Linden - and put up flagpoles - see :// Lindens have been replanted in Berlin now, still little ones, but just you wait.
  • Language - Ven vill I see you again; and commerce: Vendy's. Lighten up here.
  • "House Order of the Vendic Crown" established 19th Century, Mecklenburg-Schwerin roots
  • Legend at Schildhorn, read it at the Vends and the Germans site - miraculous rescue from a watery death in it
Now - speak German language, and Polish. Earlier absorbed into much of Prussia?

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