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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dresden Lives

Dresden was fire-bombed, carpet-bombed during World War II. Some buildings remained, most were flattened or so gutted that little could be salvaged. See some survivors here.

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. died last week - this is an update 4/07 from earlier 12/06 post. He was that fine novelist-icon who happened to be a prisoner of war in Dresden, underground in a meat locker, and who emerged to find the devastation. He said in a rerun on PBS last week, an interview in the 1980's I believe, that noone benefited from that surprise attack. The war was not cut short by a single minute, no strategic goal had been even set forth, no allied effort was facilitated, and the only one who benefited was himself - Kurt Vonnegut who subsequently wrote his "Slaughterhouse Five." See

"Dresden Lives" was on numerous street posters when we were there.

For pictures of Dresden, do an images search in Google for Dresden bomb fire.

An overview of the Baroque buildings still standing is at

Dresden, Germany. Square.

Here is the larger photo of the large square. The Dresden area is a UNESCO World Heritage site, on the Elbe River. See